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    Is The Grand Tour Still Grand?

    Step right up. Come on in. If you’d like to take the Grand Tour…well then, Europe awaits. But relinquish fantasies of elegant Louis Vuitton steamer trunks because these days all you need is a selfie stick.

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    Wait, So Blogging Is Dead?

    If blogging really has become passé, then I’m about to show my ass.

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    Cacio e Pepe

    This is not a post about an amorous French cartoon skunk.

  • union jack needlepoint 02

    Union Jacked Up

    You say you want a revolution? Well the Brits are winning comedy.

  • feature southpop

    Let Clark Griswold Be Thy Guide. Thy Tour Guide.

    It’s true, I may have channeled the nerdy (but loveable?) side of fun-seeker Clark Griswold this past weekend. We had some good friends visit us in Austin, and I was near bullheaded about ensuring that we put the WEIRD in “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD” during their time here.