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    Bottom line, you gotta love a good Show-Up Girlfriend.

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    Is The Grand Tour Still Grand?

    Step right up. Come on in. If you’d like to take the Grand Tour…

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    Wait, So Blogging Is Dead?

    If blogging really has become passé, then I’m about to show my ass.

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    Cacio e Pepe

    This is not a post about an amorous French cartoon skunk.

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    Union Jacked Up

    You say you want a revolution? Well the Brits are winning comedy.

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    Let Clark Griswold Be Thy Guide. Thy Tour Guide.

    It’s true, I may have channeled the nerdy (but loveable?) side of fun-seeker Clark Griswold this past weekend. We had some good friends visit us in Austin, and I was near bullheaded about ensuring that we put the WEIRD in “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD” during their time here.