I’m Having a Lipsyncing Spell

This past weekend I hosted a lipsync girls trip and our motto battlecry was, “All of the passion, none of the sound.”


Perhaps I should explain LIP TRIP 2015

Roughly a year ago, my niece Allison tipped me off to the hilariously entertaining lipsync battles that Jimmy Fallon was hosting on his late night show. I became obsessed with youtubing his videos, as well as the spin-off show on Spike TV aptly titled, Lip Sync Battle. Plus I love the lipsync videos actor Sean Hayes does with his hubby. Collectively inspired, I decided to host a lipsync girls weekend in Austin and called it LIP TRIP 2015. We agreed to forgo any element of competition, opting instead to simply make as many lipsync music videos as possible during the course of the weekend. Two of my best high school friends, Margaret and Eleanor, traveled in from Nashville and Mill Valley CA. Eleanor brought her Mill Valley friend Amy. And my Austin friend Shelley was on board as well. So this was our LIP TRIP crew…along with the unsuspecting stranger off the street that we shanghaied into our videos.

And yes, you will get to see a couple of the videos in this post, just sit tight. Or scroll ahead. Two of the five videos are posted below. (I am only sharing the group video and my personal entry. I must leave it up to the other girls if and how they want to share their music videos.)

It was a very democratic process. We all shared turns as director, production assistant, craft services, talent, clipboard holder, and cameraman. Plus we endured a punishing schedule as we juggled filming with lots of eating – and bit of daydrinking to boot. We eased into the weekend with a chill mexi-hip dinner at a downtown spot called La Condesa.

But we picked up steam on Friday with an early Thai lunch at the ever-fabulous Sway. We filmed our very first 5-second scene of our very first video after lunch in the Sway parking lot. And then we immediately concurred that drinks were needed STAT so we popped down the road a few blocks to Polvo’s where we grabbed a pitcher of margaritas. A big thank you goes to the Polvo’s maître-d, Pablo, who was the first stranger we lured into our video madness. He deserves a special award for donning the pink wig.

From there, we conquered South Congress. Amy, a first-timer to Texas, purchased boots at Allens Boots and then we convinced a young cowhand named James to be in our next clip. He deserves special mention for standing absolutely still for two whole scenes. Hopefully he wasn’t too terrified.

Then we exploded into the neighborhood costume shop, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds. Our new BFF Walter, a Lucy’s employee, eagerly participated in two scenes that we staged among a wall of tutus. Hilarity. We topped this off with gluten free pumpkin cupcakes from Hey Cupcake and grabbed a few ridiculous shots around the famed cupcakes food trailer.

Then we met Grant who sells fresh lemonadey goodness from the cutest little Lemonmobile! Grant let us in his Austin City Lemons Lemonmobile and not only filmed with us, he sang along with gusto!

We spent the afternoon and evening filming the remaining scenes from this group video at the girls’ Airbnb house and then my home during pre-dinner Cocktail Hour. By the time we departed for our dinner reservation at the new Italian spot, Juliet, we had one music video in the can.

Day Two was slated for the Individual performances. Of course most people required backup lipsyncers and air musicians so no one was totally soloing it. I had secured time on the stage at the iconic Ego’s Bar. For those of you outside of Austin unfamiliar with Ego’s, it is a dive bar situated behind a Chevron station dumpster, and under a parking garage. It’s magnificent. Huge thanks goes to manager Brix, bartender Beth, and patron Cameron, who were all exceedingly kind, welcoming, supportive, and clapped as we performed and filmed.

Ego’s may have been a weekend highlight. Then again, we know how partial I am to a dive bar.

From here we grabbed a late Texmex lunch at Matt’s el Rancho, including two large Bob Armstrongs (queso with taco meat and other spicy mix-ins) and margaritas. Then it was off to The Space Rehearsal and Recording Studio. I had rented a private rehearsal room to film a few videos. No telling what the bands down the hall thought of our music blaring, not to mention multiple trips down the hall in tutus and headdresses to check out our costumes in the ladies room mirror.

In the end we produced five videos. We were feeling accomplished, but mighty whipped. So we scooted over to Sam’s Town Point for a round of Lone Stars. Then more celebratory cocktails at Shady Grove. And finally, brisket and white wine at Black’s Barbecue where we watched and re-watched our videos until they turned the lights out on us and asked us to go home.

LIP TRIP was such a trip. I feel so blessed to have wacky fun friends who are willing to get on a plane to spend this kind of a weekend together and ham it up. We laughed so hard we were practically peeing in our pants the entire time. In fact, I think Depends should sponsor LIP TRIP 2.0. And now, without further ado, here are two of the videos that are cleared for sharing…

  1. Our group video, which took us eight hours to film on Friday, was Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. As we traipsed around town filming, our creative inspiration was to “Keep Austin Weird.” I’m pretty sure we checked that box.

  1. My entry was You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt which we filmed on Day Two at Ego’s. I showed this video to a friend yesterday and she marveled, “You know the words so well! Did you practice?” To which I honestly replied, “Darlin’ I’ve been practicing this song since 1975.”

Now how about some still pics from the fabulously hilarious and fun LIP TRIP 2015…


If you’re hosting a lipsync weekend the very first thing you need to do is build a shrine to the Gods of Lip Sync: Milli Vanilli


All of the passion, none of the sound


After our very first scene in the parking lot of Sway. Have to love Eleanor’s commitment to the Fez


Screenshot from our Can’t Feel My Face video with the Wonderful Walter at Lucy in Disguise


Screenshot from our Can’t Feel My Face video. Grant from Austin City Lemons was so cool and such a sport!


Loading up for Day Two. The back of my car was so packed it looked like we were headed camping at a three-day music festival


“you’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, baby you’re no good…”


Here I am trying to channel Linda Ronstadt’s soulful 1970’s performance of “You’re No Good” on the Midnight Special. (Yes, it’s on youtube)


Screenshot from Margaret’s INCREDIBLE (and impromptu) decision to perform Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On”. With Eleanor on guitar, this duo was magic


Eleanor rockin’ her guitar solo


Can’t host a lipsync weekend without Egos


Very cool lobby at The Space Rehearsal and Recording Studio


Real bands were recording demos and albums in the rooms down the hall…


Getting prepped for The Village People’s “In The Navy”…we took a disco nautical approach


We love props.


Screenshot of keyboard intro to Iggy Azalea’s “Trouble”




“You seem like trouble to me”


“I shoulda known you were bad news…”


In the navy, you can sail the seven seas, in the navy, you can put your mind at ease — The Village People


“They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit…WHO ME!!??”— Big Village People finish.

4 Comments on “I’m Having a Lipsyncing Spell

  1. Bravo! Thanks for making me laugh out loud at 6:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. The perfect way to start the day.

  2. Hilarious Christine!! I saw something was afoot last weekend. Strange photos that make me very much want to visit Austin. I tell you, you have way too much fun girl. Next time I’m accused of having too much fun, I’m going to go, “nu uh,” and point to you.

    • That is a VERY nice thing to say, thank you! Austin is pretty damn fun, but we also have to make our own fun sometimes too.

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