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Perhaps that’s why I haven’t written a blogpost in months. We’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and I have totally stagnated on regurgitating every little trip detail and picture on this site. Or perhaps I haven’t written recently because we have been holding on for dear life as 2015 has catapulted us down a greased luge of grief, stress, and anxiety, mixed with gratitude, euphoria and adventure. If you think I am being hyperbolic I will gently refer you back to this January post and simply offer this work-in-progress equation: Teenage Grief + Teenage Hormones = ____________________.

Possible answers include comedy, heartbreaking to watch, mind-numbing, breaking mom down like a wild mustang, overcome with parental pride, helplessness, carpe diem, chaos, character, Stage One Hypertension, grace, or D All of The Above. It’s been a veritable prism of emotions for every member of our extended blended family.

Apparently when life gives us lemons, I book a flight. I am becoming a master at changing my view, literally and figuratively. While some might cry foul at this travel escapism strategy, I would simply like to say — well never mind what I would really say. Let’s pretend I would respond like a lady with, “You may have a point but we are doing our best.”

In my defense, most of our spring travel was on the books well before we knew grief was going to strike. With careful counsel from professionals and professional friends, we decided it would be more loss to cancel things, (not to mention we needed the relief) so we kept the course. Plus we added a few jaunts. Bottom line we have been on the go. Tomato, tomahto, travails, travels. In between challenging pockets of agony and dealing with the reality of Sophie’s burden, we have had these unbelievable trips. Stress, euphoria, stress, euphoria. We’re exhausted, BUT, and I say this with the most poignant amount of parental delight, Sophie survived this semester and she did well in her classes!

So where have we been in 2015? Well we’ve traveled as a family, some solo, and sometimes two of us at a time….but collectively this year we have been to Savannah Georgia, Florence Italy, Punta Mita Mexico (with a fantastic day trip to Sayulita), Exuma Bahamas, Jacksonville Florida, Nashville Tennessee, Fort Worth Tejas, and Los Angeles California. At some point I will come back around and offer more detail about the food we’ve eaten, the art we’ve seen and the friends we’ve enjoyed (and leaned on!) but for now, how about a sneak preview slideshow with a few pics from Florence?


Ricotta and pear ravioli at ZEB, my new favorite restaurant in Florence


We loved the church of San Miniato al Monte so much we visited twice


First night in Florence, had to walk by the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio


Ascension to the Annunciation. a magical moment for mama. I LOVE this picture.


Ghirlandaio’s Last Supper in San Marco (it’s a very famous last supper and it’s in the bookstore!)


Sophie’s Ricotta Pesto Pici at ZEB. To die for….


And of course there was Mexico.

Sayulita church

Beautiful church in Sayulita

Punta Mita pool drink

Pool drinks at the Punta Mita St Regis

Sayulita banners

Love Love Love the Mexican street banners in Sayulita

I’d offer more pictures and trip scoop but I am busy packing. That’s right, another change of view. Tomorrow we leave for Montana where Sophie and I are doing a 60-mile fishing trip on the Smith River. A long-anticipated mother-daughter adventure! Then, when she’s off at camp, Tom and I are taking our delayed honeymoon after 4.5 years of marriage. Italy baby…Verona, Venice, Lucca and Milan.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SUMMER! I haven’t been this excited for summer in a very, very, very long time.

We know that we are blessed beyond measure and the view gets brighter every day. And I promise to stay in better touch.

Next slide please…

9 Comments on “Master of the View Change

  1. In the first place, you all have the best smiles. No matter where you are, you and Sophie make it look like the most fun! Secondly, I’ve missed you all and I’m glad to hear the humor and the resolve in your words. Finally, isn’t it amazing how we remember those we lose by loving those around us even more? Thank you for sharing your life and loves with us! Welcome back!

    • Bob, thank you for such an exceedingly gracious comment! I truly appreciate it! And you will be happy to know we have made it to Montana where we are doing nothing but smiling. Cheers!!

  2. So glad that you’ve finally written again! You certainly live a wonderful life. Your pictures of Italy reminded me of my six-month sabbatical spent in Florence and all the things I loved. My apartment was seven blocks from the Ponte Vecchio and had a view of the Duomo. You captured two of my favorite things: the church of San Miniato and the Annunciation of Fra Angelico. I’m so glad that you had a buono viaggio and will have another one soon!!! Post lots of pictures.

    • Sheila, San Miniato and that Annunciation were magical points in our trip too! Love love love that city. But I will share another city I have in my sights: DC. I would love to bring Sophie to DC and introduce yall to each other. Someday!

      • I look forward to the day when you’ll do that!

  3. You’re amazing!!!! I hope to see you at some point this summer, and have a blast on your honeymoon!

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