Union Jacked Up

You say you want a revolution? Well the Brits are winning comedy.

As I am currently in month six of our Alabama home renovation, I am in constant need of a good belly laugh. I am, in fact, leaning on various forms of escapism, but comedy ranks highest in terms of maintaining my sanity through the revolution. I mean renovation. And one day I noticed a marked trend in the two shows I seem to be watching and re-watching in a loop. They are both British.

Have you seen the movie Alan Partridge with Steve Coogan? I literally stumbled on it while perusing On Demand one insomnia-filled night. I laughed so hard I proceeded to watch it three times in 24 hours. I have eagerly tried to persuade family and friends to get on the Alan Partridge bandwagon, but thus far have only recruited my father who laughed so hard he almost burned himself with hot coffee.


Unless you hate to laugh, you need to see this movie. Admittedly, you may need to see it more than once (I am up to about eight viewings) because the dialog moves quickly, the writing is incredibly sharp, and the accents are a bit hard to decipher. BUT IT IS HILARIOUS! Take a peek at the trailer:

“As far as I’m concerned, Neil Diamond will always be King of the Jews.” –Alan Partridge

Moving on…

The other Brit with whom I am currently obsessed is John Oliver. He has a new show on HBO called Last Week Tonight and it is hands-down the best comedy writing on television. It’s a format we’ve seen before: host uses current events as the backdrop for witty jokes. But I’m telling you, John Oliver is so bright and shameless…and I think, really freaking smart. Instead of passing monologues or soundbite jokes, he spends as many as fifteen minutes dissecting complex issues such as civil forfeiture, student debt, or predatory lending. And he’s funny.

Don’t have HBO? No problem, chap. Many of the best clips are on You Tube. Here are some of my favorites:

John Oliver on Net Neutrality

John Oliver on Nuclear Arms

John Oliver on Ferguson and the Militarization of Police

John Oliver on FIFA and The World Cup

“Seven weeks of Olive Garden food? That is pretty much a one way ticket to the hospitaliano.” –John Oliver

What can I say? These Brits have me in stitches.

And speaking of stitches. My mother, who is not British, has recently revived her 1970’s hobby of needlepointing. So I have been needling her to finish a pillow for my den once it’s renovated. Turns out, next to obsessively compulsively watching comedy TV and movies, my other escape from renovation madness is scouring Pinterest and mentally redecorating my soon-to-be new digs.

So I commissioned a needlepoint pillow from my mum. Just a little something to rest under my head on the den couch when I am watching TV…

union jack needlepoint 02

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